8 Facts about Sports Injuries.

Sports Injuries 1

  • Sports injuries usually cause damage to the Cartilage, Ligaments, Meniscus
  • The most commonly Injured areas are Knee, Shoulder, Ankle.
  • If the degree of injury is mild to moderate, it usually heals with Rest, Medication, and Physiotherapy.
  • When Injury is severe, it has to be resolved by Surgery.
  • The most preferred Surgical Option is Arthroscopic Method, wherein, using small incisions, scopes are introduced into the Joint, and the injured structures are repaired or reconstructed.
  • Since Incisions are small, recovery is faster.
  • Most of the implants used to repair/reconstruct the injured structures are Bioabsorbable. We need not remove them.
  • After Surgery and proper rehabilitation, persons can return to sporting activities.

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