Random Thoughts on How to minimise Low Back Pain

Random Thoughts on How to minimise Low Back Pain

03 Dec 2020

Nowadays, We spend more time sitting at a stretch either  Work, Commute or Home watching Television. It is noted that pressure on the Lumbar Disc is highest in the sitting position than in standing or sleeping postures. It is best to keep the formula in mind that if you sit for 20 minutes .. then walk or stand for 1 minute.. then again get back to sitting. Similar changes have to be made if you are standing for 20 minutes. In this regard, All the Homemakers who spend 1-2 hours at the kitchen standing should keep a stool or a small chair in the kitchen to sit for a minute at 20-minute intervals.  

Please incorporate 10-15 minutes of freehand exercises for the whole body in your daily routine like simple yoga, suryanamaskar so that all the muscles are stretched, toned, flexible. 

While riding 2 wheeler, Please ride slowly over humps and potholes. Keep your Vehicle suspension in good condition. Let the seat be soft. At Traffic signals, when there is Redlight for more than 90 seconds..switch off the vehicle, apply stand and stand by the side of the vehicle. Therefore, you can break the continuity of sitting for a long duration as a 10 km commute can take more than one hour in peak traffic. 

While driving 4 wheelers for a long duration.. say Intercity or Interstate, It is best to follow the formula of 50-60 minutes of driving, Park the vehicle by the side of the road for 5 minutes, and walk around the vehicle. This applies to all Passengers. This protocol will reduce problems like back pain, swelling of feet, Calf tightness that may arise from prolonged sitting. 

Desired Positions of Sleeping: Can sleep either side with arms and legs folded ( Fetal Position ). When sleeping face up, Keep a pillow under the neck and another pillow under the knees.