8 Facts about Osteoporosis

  • It is a condition where the bones become hollow and eventually break.
  • Fractures that occur secondary to osteoporosis are called Fragility fractures. Spine and hip are the most common sites.
  • Post Menopausal Women are more likely to be affected by Osteoporosis
  • Other common reasons for osteoporosis- are the intake of certain medications like antiepileptics, steroids, excessive smoking, alcohol, and prolonged immobilization.
  • Among the investigative tools, DEXA ( DUAL ENERGY XRAY ABSORPTIOMETRY) SCAN is the most reliable & commonly used. Heel Scanning for osteoporosis is just a screening method.
  • We can broadly group Medications into Supplements ( Calcium, Vitamin D), Antiresorptives ( Various forms of Bisphosphonates- Alendronate, Risedronate, Zolendronic acid), Anabolic ( Teriparatide)
  • Apart from Medications, other ways to strengthen bones are by good diet, exercises.
  • Good bone stock formation in youth, which is possible with good calcium rich diet& exercises.

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