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Visited For Hip Pain

A very good friendly doctor. I visited for my dad who had back muscle sprain. he described the issue along with proper medication. so I would recommend doctor for anyone who is visiting for orthopaedic help.

Rachit Shukla

Visited For Foot & Ankle

A very friendly doctor, who provide sufficient time to explain the problem and he had the patience to explain the cause and recovery procedure.


Visited For Leg Pain, Joint Mobilization

Perfectly diagnose the problem and given an immediate solution, I am very very happy and satisfied with the consultation.

Smitha Sanjay Nagar

Visited For Joint Mobilization


Visited For Knee Braces For Osteoarthritis


Visited For Foot Pain

Satisfied with doctor treatment. Doctor explain the issue for the pain and advise correct treatment accordingly. Perfectly fit and fine now. Thank you doctor.

Abdul Azeez

Visited For Heel Pain

The way we have been explained about the issue was really helpful for us to understand the situation and his patience to attend a patient is great. Heeling is great.. Thanks for the service doctor

Pt Shivabasavaiah

Visited For Lower Back Pain

The doctor was very professional and answered all our questions patiently. Even the attendants were very friendly and considerate. The X-ray facility and availability of prescribed medicines in-house was very convenient.

Ambika Thandavan

Visited For Joint and Muscle Problems

My problem was understood and necessary treatment was given. The solution was in time. It was specific and to the point.

Sowmithri Gopinath

Visited For Hip Pain Treatment, Knee Pain Treatment

I am really happy with the treatment provided by Dr. Praveen S Battepati. Sir, clearly explains the cause for the health issue and provides the information to overcome those issues.